how to book a companion

on our home page you will find the newest girls, and you will be able to browse their personal pages.

You will also be able to find their rates for dinnerdate, companionship, full service, or extra’s they ask for some additional services.


Once a lady her profile has become this interesting that you are willing to book her, just contact us on 0475 70 34 74

and we will gladly answer all your questions!

There are some rules to consider if you want to book an escort at Oxygen Escort Angency, and those rules are the following

  1. clearly state the girl of preference
  2. be polite, and do not hesitate to ask any question
  3. clearly state what you want and what you desire
  4. call at least 3 hours in advance
  5. mention your requirements
  6. do not be afraid to state your name
  7. pass correct contact data
  8. pass a correct address

if all those conditions are fulfilled, we do not see any reason why you won’t be accepted as a client!