Official agency, no risks for girls

As an official tax paying firm, oxygen escort agency is working with girls in any way possible.

We have this possibility just because we are official working ourselfves… However you want to work with us, is not important, but that you have the back-up of an official business that does not have to hide itself is of huge importance!

As a firm we have a tax number, an official address, and every fir has a known responsable, and just because of this you can be sure that you will be treated correctly, that you will be getting respect, and that you start to cooperate in a business, that you will get guidance, that you will be treaded as a person, and that your responsables are like real employers …


You  want to work occasionally, you want to stay independant, or you want to work part time, or full-time, or on a freelance base, all of this is not important for us, we only request honesty, professionalism, and loyalty.

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